Valentines Day Greeting Card Guide 2023

    Are you a lover of Valentines? Do you love to shower your loved ones with gifts or are you the bah humbug of love?

    Well, if you’re the former, then this blog post is for you! Here at Whale & Bird we love Valentines day - which you can probably tell by the amount of lovely cards we stock! And yes, there are 364 other days in the year that you can profess your love to your significant other (or secret crush) but isn’t it a lovely gesture? We love the idea of someone plucking up the courage on February 14th to finally reveal that they’re a secret admirer. Just imagine how many love stories have been built from that first red rose!


    Forest Fr1ends funny couples valentines day card


    Throttle a Chicken - Forest Fr1ends

    What is Valentine’s day and how did it start?!

    There are lots of different stories around Valentine’s day and where it originated from - the history of it seems to be shrouded in mystery! What we do know is that it is largely thought to be named after a particular St Valentine, believed to be a Roman priest in the third century. 

    At the time, Emperor Claudius II had banned soldiers from ever marrying as he thought that the distractions caused them to be unfit soldiers. Our main man, St Valentine, thought this was unfair, and used to carry out secret marriages for the soldiers and their loves. 

    The Emperor found out and sentenced Valentine to death. Ever the romantic, Valentine fell in love with the jailer's daughter and his last letter to her before his death was signed ‘from your Valentine’... or so the story goes! 


    Power in your weird cute valentines day card

    There is power in your weirdness - Katie Abey

    What is Galentine’s day?

    We know that love doesn’t just have to be with your partner and platonic love is just as important! Thanks to Parks & Recreation we now have a friend’s Valentine’s day too on February 13th… Galentine’s Day!

    Galentine’s day was formed when the one and only Leslie Knope created it on the well known and popular tv series Parks & Recreation. A day of love, female friendship and empowerment, Galentine’s day might not be an official holiday just yet but we have seen crazier things happen! 

    “Every February 13, my lady friends and I leave our husbands and our boyfriends at home and we just come and kick it, breakfast style,” she explains in the episode. “Ladies celebrating ladies.” - Leslie Knope

    So even if you’re single and not quite ready to mingle, there is always a chance to celebrate your Gal’s on February 13th and celebrate the love you have for eachother. In the end, love is all that really counts!!


    Valentine’s Day Greeting Card Ideas

    So whether you’re looking for Valentine’s or Galentine’s cards, we thought we would compile a few of our favourites that will help you show your friends and loved ones how much you really care.


    You are first class pun valentines day card


    You are first class - Nutmeg & Arlo


    You are my lobster - friends theme valentines day card


    You’re my lobster - Amy Wicks


    you are the best cute couples card


    You’re the best! - Ooh I like that


    the gin to my tonic cocktail fun valentines day card


    You’re the gin to my tonic - Charley Clements


    Grate big hug for you, funny pun valentines day card


    A grate big hug for you - Don’t quote me on it


    netflix algorithm comedy valentines day card


    I’d ruin my Netflix algorithm for you - Squaire 


    if humans were flowers I'd pick you lovely valentines day card


    If humans were flowers I’d pick you - Nikki Miles