Artist Of The Month - Katie Abey!

    Happy February folks! 

    We've made it to the end of another month into 2023 - is it just us that feels like January and February last about six months?

    We're happy to say we can feel Spring in the air, lighter evenings are upon us and the promise of happier weather is coming! 

    And what better to celebrate the fun and joy of Spring than with our February Artist Of The Month... Katie Abey! 

    Tell us a bit about you and your business! 

    I am a creative human committed to the idea that I may be able to make a positive difference in the world by drawing strange perturbed animals and encouraging people to be weird. I write childrens books, have a magical bricks-and-mortar shop and also co-host events now - there is never a dull day!

    I jumped straight into self employed life when I left university in 2014! The flexibility and the adventure of owning my own business is what appealed to me.


    Describe your brand in three words.

    Embrace your weirdness!


    Who are you inspired by? This could be an artist, maker, business etc.

    I'm inspired by anyone who is outrageously themselves, vibrant and undiluted. David Bowie and Baddiewinkle off the top of my head. I love witnessing how differently people can perceive the world.


    What does a typical work day in your business look like? 

    I try to have a loose structure but every day/week ends up looking so different to the last. I've learned I am most creative in the evenings to tend to use evenings to chill out and brainstorm and get drawing. I try to have clear boundaries between 'mum mode' days with my Violet and work days too, it can be hard to balance everything but I love it all.


    What is the best piece of advice you have been given and / or the best piece of advice you can share with artists starting out?

    You're a creative human and you need to nourish yourself to feel creative. So tune in to the seasons and nature and make time to breathe. Make it a priority and watch it impact everything else!


    Aside from your creative work, what else do you like to get up to?

    I love adventuring with my family and soaking up knowledge about all things esoteric. I'm obsessed with astrology and tarot and love weird conspiracy theories!


    Do you have a favourite design of yours sold on Whale & Bird?

    You are my person.

    You Are My Person Greeting Card by Katie Abey


    Flamingo Of Friendship Greeting Card by Katie Abey


    Be The Person Your Cat Thinks You Are Greeting Card by Katie Abey

    You can find Katie over on her Instagram @katieabey and on her website.