How to shop sustainably this Christmas and support small businesses

    It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

    But with this wonderful time comes the huge bin bags full of rubbish and the unwanted shower gel gift sets that will sit in the cupboard until they go out of date. We all want to show our loved ones that we care this Christmas, but what if there was a way we could do it more sustainably?

    And not only sustainably, but supporting small businesses and independent artists at the same time. Well keep reading, my friend. We’ve got some top tips on how to keep your Christmas a bit more green and A LOT more exciting! 

    Be Wild Hard Enamel Pin by Mary Joy Harris

    Buying from small businesses means more thoughtful and quirky presents

    We’ve all been guilty of raiding the Black Friday sales to finish off your Christmas shopping. Or popping down to The Body Shop to get your Gran a White Musk gift set that she will probably never use. But, a big problem with Christmas is that SO many gifts end up going to landfill. When we just buy for the sake of it, we buy gifts that our loved ones might not want, need or even like. 

    However, buying from independent shops and artists means that the gift is much more precious and thoughtful. Obviously you need to know a bit about the receiver but being able to shop from a small business and really put some thought into the present will be obvious when they open it. 

    How to support small businesses at Christmas 

    Gifts bought from small businesses are generally well thought out and well made. They are independent artists, designers and makers behind the scenes that have real passion and joy in their work. Your loved one will feel spoiled rotten when they open a beautiful hand made and quirky gift that has obviously been chosen with care.

    Even if presents aren’t something that you and your family and friends do at Christmas, you can still support small businesses in the greeting cards and wrap you buy. Yep, that’s right - you can go green with your wrapping too! 

    Believe In Yourself Notebook by Katie Abey

    Can you recycle Greeting Cards?

    Mostly - yes! Greeting cards and wrapping paper from independent businesses tend to be easily recycled and printed on much smaller runs - meaning less waste.

    You can read a bit more about our sustainability policy with our own greeting cards and packaginghere.

    Have A Sweet Christmas Greetings Card by Nikki Miles

    Buying them a gift they will really treasure 

    Although buying from small businesses can sometimes be a bit more expensive than a gift set from a department store, it means that it is likely to be something that they will treasure. Most people will enjoy having LESS but of better quality. 

    Another way to do this is to simply ask them what they want! Although it can feel like there isn’t a lot of ‘thought’ put into this method, it is a great way of reducing waste. Your loved ones may have something they have had their eye on but wouldn’t purchase for themselves. Let them know you’re willing to get them what they want. This helps to avoid getting them gifts they will be either sending to landfill or regifting to Aunty Susan in February. 

    If you have committed to being more sustainable and supporting small businesses this Christmas, we would love to hear from you. Do you have any tips you can share with us? Let us know in the comments!