Ginger Pube In My Bloody Battenberg Coaster

    From our Forest Friends collection

    Are you a cheeky person who loves to make people laugh? This hilarious animal coaster is sure to be a favourite - it features a ginger squirrel baking and their rabbit friend saying “Why would I make this sh*t up, Janet? There’s a ginger pube in my battenburg…”

    A rude but delightful animal friends coaster that would be perfect to keep your surfaces protected while you enjoy your cup of tea. After all, you can’t have a slice of battenburg without a cup of tea! 

    It's made of durable melamine and backed with a cork surface so it will keep your table safe from water damage and withstand the heat of any cuppa.

    The 100mm x 100mm size is perfect for most glasses and mugs, also making it ideal for wrapping as a small gift or sending in the post. 

    Made in the UK.